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For generations, Heidelberg has developed a global reputation for romance and is known throughout the world as a lively, loveable city. Rightly so, as the following episode shows.

A long-standing institution, Chocolaterie Knösel is located at the heart of the Old Town and houses Heidelberg's oldest confectioner's store. Established in 1863, it soon became a popular meeting place among Heidelberg's residents and not least its students. Everyone liked Fridolin Knösel, the witty, dedicated chocolatier and master confectioner, and his exquisite creations. In particular, the young ladies attending Heidelberg's finishing school loved his sweet chocolate delights and were frequent customers, much to the delight of many students of the university, who would also flock to the store, hoping to exchange furtive glances with the fairer sex. Alas, their ever-watchful governesses were never far away.

These secret longings did not go unnoticed by good-natured Fridolin Knösel. Ingenious as he was, one day he created a particularly delicious chocolate delight, which he impishly called the 'Studentenkuss'. Given as a present, it was such an exquisite, gallant token of affection that not even the chaperones could object.

At last, the students and young ladies had a discreet way to send a sweet message in form of a Studentenkuss.
Much has changed since Fridolin's days, yet his descendants continue the family tradition In the little store on Haspelgasse, where they still make Studentenküsse according to the original receipt from 1863. By hand, of course. A sweet symbol and charming souvenir of Heidelberg, Studentenküsse, generation after generation, have captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike. After all, this traditional Heidelberg specialty and its charming history are characteristic of the city's unique savoir-vivre.